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Innovative Low Cost Processes To
Excel In the New Economy

In years gone by, companies across the world have solved their talent acquisition issues with one of two ways: either trying to handle the process themselves, spending vast amounts of time and resources on creating and implementing novice strategies; or turn to the brand name, faceless labour-hire corporations that apply an untailored, uniformed approach to each of their clients. For decades, these limited choices frequently left companies lumbered with candidates who may interview well, but were not suitable for the line of work they received or pay exorbitant labour-hire costs.

Front Age Consulting exists to overcome this problem. Established in 2015, we are a modern, boutique talent acquisition firm that addresses the process of screening, assessing and selecting new employees like the art form it is. We offer 360 degrees of talent acquisition services, specialising in companies operating in low skilled, high volume and labour-intensive industries, having completed talent acquisition for aircraft cabin cleaners, ramp or baggage handlers, freight agents, airline passenger services, food process workers, warehouse/logistics workers, and much more.

Leap In Value Differentiation

Leap in Value

Improve organisational
performance and maximise
benefits realisation using
value innovation strategies
for HR management
Lower Operating Cost

Lower Operating

Proven track record in
helping organisations
generate higher profits
by reducing 75%
operational costs
Boost Human Capital

Boost Human

Proven track record
halving staff attrition rate,
improve morale,
increase productivity
and sense of belonging
World-Class Methodologies


We benchmark best
practices, implement
continuous improvements,
lead organisations to
superior performance
Tailored Bespoke Solutions

Tailored Bespoke

Each client’s portfolio is
tailor-made to adapt to
client’s ever evolving
business needs with agile
synergistic solutions
New & Emerging Technologies

New & Emerging

We adopt a mix of
conventional and new &
emerging technologies
to make your
competition irrelevant
  • Are you spending exorbitant fees on the generic services of labour hire and direct recruiting companies without seeing results?
  • Are your HR support costs increasing alongside growing employee numbers, whilst efficiency decreases?
  • Have you wasted valuable time labouring through job advertising, resumes, screenings, interviews, and inductions, yet failing to source high calibre candidates?
  • Is your attrition rate exceptionally high?
  • Are your customers consistently complaining about unmet production timelines or low quality of work due to low employee morale?
  • Is your training, onboarding, induction, HR costs, operating expenses continually increasing as a result?
  • Do you want to take control of your staffing, professional development, succession planning needs?
  • Do you want to build a strong team, culture and brand name to boost performance and lower costs?
  • Do you want to escalate your human capital performance and make your competition irrelevant?
  • Do you wish to have a higher engagement rate with your diverse and multicultural workforce?

These are some of the most common issues facing companies across the world. After all, an organisation cannot hope to attain success if they cannot rely on their staff. Sourcing new talents, introducing new members into a workforce, retaining, upskilling, succession planning, etc, regardless of the role, therefore requires greater care and attention than generic labour-hire, or talent acquisition companies or internal HR capabilities can provide, especially in today’s hostile and competitive marketplace with continual innovation, ever-evolving needs, fluctuating attrition rates, and diverse workforce.

Front Age Consulting understands this. Established in January 2015, we have grown from a boutique pre-employment training and talent acquisition consultancy to one of Australia’s premier leading services, soon to branch out from our Australian roots to assist companies in the Asia Pacific markets. We owe our success to continue applying our insight into the HRM process to alleviate the burden from the company’s internal HR departments, permitting them to continue focusing on vital operational duties and reduce the hefty costs frequently associated with sourcing new employees. Specialising in human resource management for industries that are highly regulated, strict compliance standards, and fast-paced demands, our methodologies benchmarking world-class best practices with assisted new and emerging technologies, will help you refine the potential talent pool and integrate valuable aspects to existing workforce that will help your company flat line costs and flourish.