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About Front Age Consulting

Front Age Consulting is an advisory consultancy firm focused on delivering bespoke solutions to assist organisations improve their performance and maximise benefits realisation using value innovation strategies.

We do not have a one size fits all approach but adapting to clients’ ever evolving needs, we customise solutions depending on human capital pain points, market challenges, work culture and business processes to help accelerate business performance and corporate innovation.

Front Age Consulting has a proven track record in helping our corporate clients save up to 75% operational costs and 50% reduction in staff attrition rate within 12 months.


Pre-Employment Program
Talent Acquisition Consultancy

Human Capital Training
Development Consultancy

Needs for
Multinational Corporations

Front Age Consulting offers management consultancy, Workforce Development, project management, talent acquisition, pre-employment training programs, induction/onboarding, skills refresher courses, leadership programs, professional development, succession planning courses, employment seminars, executive/team/life coaching/mentoring, Interpreting/Translating for multicultural employees and/or businesses involved in international trade, as part of our unique services offerings. Our Online Training portal has capabilities to deliver live workshops or self-paced courses for employees or your clients, with on-demand progress and evaluation reports.


Satisfaction and Money Back Guaranteed

Leap In Value Differentiation

Leap in Value

Improve organisational
performance and maximise
benefits realisation using
value innovation strategies
for HR management
Lower Operating Cost

Lower Operating

Proven track record in
helping organisations
generate higher profits
by reducing 75%
operational costs
Boost Human Capital

Boost Human

Proven track record
halving staff attrition rate,
improve morale,
increase productivity
and sense of belonging
World-Class Methodologies


We benchmark best
practices, implement
continuous improvements,
lead organisations to
superior performance
Tailored Bespoke Solutions

Tailored Bespoke

Each client’s portfolio is
tailor-made to adapt to
client’s ever evolving
business needs with agile
synergistic solutions
New & Emerging Technologies

New & Emerging

We adopt a mix of
conventional and new &
emerging technologies
to make your
competition irrelevant

Our large pool of professionally qualified and accredited team of Trainers/Consultants/Life Coaches/Interpreters/Translators are skilled in multidisciplinary subjects, fields, and industries to assist individuals, leaders, teams, groups, and organisations unlock potential and reach sustainable peak performance.

Our methodologies benchmark world leaders in their fields combining Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Meditation, PMBOK, Blue Ocean Strategy, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Business Process Re-engineering, Organisational Psychology and Change Management. We have capabilities to deliver our services Australia-wide and globally.

Current Projects:-

  • Pre-Employment Training
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Interpreting
  • Translating
  • Indigenous Tailored Employment Grant
  • Leadership/Professional Development Programs
  • Covid-19 Emergency Supplies
  • Special Projects
Telstra Business Awards

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We utilise world-class new and emerging technology-driven capability to deliver targeted improvements to the training programs based on participant’s learning needs and behaviours to better engage learning participants for instance, e-learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Animation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Simulation, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality-based (AR/VR) knowledge and skills transfer for industry and training.