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Pre-Employment Program

Front Age Consulting's proprietary Pre-Employment Program (PEP) is an innovative approach designed to screen and test applicants in simulated job tasks for the role you are recruiting for to ensure they are the ideal entrants to your organisation. We use technology, develop performance matrix and outline assessment criteria based on your industry and the actual role to help Employers assess the candidates.

Why Choose FRONT AGE
Pre-Employment Program?

Replace Conventional Interview Process

Workplaces and the roles within them have greatly changed throughout generations. As a result, outdated recruitment strategies, such as the cookie-cutter approach to interviewing, no longer gauge a candidate’s ability, nor how they would interact within a specific team environment. How many times have you recruited jobseekers because they interview really well, but can’t really perform the tasks of the job? Or the workers the labour-hire companies have sent you simply end up costing you more? Hence the need for revolutionary replacement methods, such as Front Age’s 7-Step Recruitment Process and the PEP .

Remove Selection Bias

Selection bias is a frequent issue in the interview stage of recruitment. Candidates displaying soft skills often climb in the subjective opinions of interviewers during the early periods, even if they are not an appropriate fit for the role. Front Age’s 7-Step Recruitment Process and FA PEP completely remove this bias from the equation.


Effective recruitment and pre-screening processes require a personalised approach. By assessing candidates in the actual tasks involved with the job, using customised tests and procedures reflecting the unique style of a company, employers can rest assured they are selecting the BEST applicants available.

Cover Theory & Practical Job Tasks

Some applicants may be good on paper, but can they really handle the tasks of the role? By asking potential employees to place themselves in a situation they would likely find themselves in once with your company, and assess how they work covering both theoretical and aspects of the job provides a clearer representation of their ability.

Specific Assessment Checklist

As we are external to your business, we work in close partnership with your management and HR teams to build an assessment checklist in which we can adequately gauge the abilities of the candidates in relation to the role they are applying for.

Save Time & Money

By utilising proven, flexible methods, such as Front Age’s proprietary 7-Step Recruitment Process and FA PEP , businesses can forgo the lengthy list of expenses and time that are usually involved in the interviewing and training phases.

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