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Assembling the right people into your workforce can be a tiring and costly undertaking. Not only locating valuable and talented employees, but also retaining them, is vital to achieve collaborative cohesion and operational success.

Front Age Consulting is a renowned boutique talent acquisition and consulting agency that can help. We move away from the conventional cookie-cutter approach of recruiting and cater a bespoke talent acquisition model using our proprietary 7-step process  that will assist our clients to reduce costs and increase retention. Our unique approach to introducing new employees into contemporary companies has allowed us to enjoy exponential growth since our inception in 2015, elevating our services beyond Australian borders to soon service companies operating in the Asia Pacific markets. Outdated interviewing methods have long been notorious for being rife with inefficacies and selection bias. As a replacement, we offer proven alternatives, such as customised and practical assessments to simulate jobs tasks, and technology offering online tests/inductions as pre-screening measures, like our proprietary Pre-Employment Programs (PEP) .

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What we offer in Our Services

Front Age Consulting’s success is built around our proprietary talent acquisition methodology – more precisely, our 7-Step Talent Acquisition Process . Flowing through introductory & screening phases, testing, pre-employment programs, personalised assessments and more, our professional team create far more points of contact that ensure we are admitting appropriate candidates rather than a randomised applicant group. With proven results that our processes halve attrition rates and reduce talent acquisition costs by up to 75%, we deliver 360 degrees in tailored talent acquisition for your company. Our services even extend to offering government incentives to aid in your talent acquisition possibilities, should your organisation and candidates be eligible.

Leap In Value Differentiation


Bespoke industry-based assessment program tailor-made to each Employers’ business needs
Lower Operating Cost

360 Degrees
Talent Acquisition

Position analysis | sourcing | screening | shortlisting | schedule assessments | pre-employment program | on-boarding programs | wage incentives | negotiation & paperwork| pre-employment medicals | job offer | post placement support
Boost Human Capital

Labour Intensive

We specialise in labour intensive industries that are needing to recruit more than 100 employees per annum.


Here at Front Age Consulting, we enjoy working with some of the largest corporations throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and the wider world. If you would like to learn more about our services, or to receive testimonials from our satisfied clients, we would be happy to oblige. Contact us today by calling 1800 FRONTAGE, sending an email to [email protected], or fill out our short online enquiry form on our contact page.