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As an employer, it is only natural to want to take control of the recruitment process for your company. No one is as intimate with the ins and outs of your operations more than you are, after all, so who better to decide on who joins your team?

Front Age Consulting understands this, but we also appreciate that it isn't the core speciality of most businesses to pre-screen, assess and recruit valuable new employees. Fortunately, it is ours.

Traditional methods of interviewing no longer prove effective in contemporary workplaces. We combine our refined knowledge and methodologies of the recruitment process with a close partnership with our Employer clients to develop an infallible system of acquiring viable candidates and analysing their potential. It is because of this approach that we have grown in four short years from a boutique recruitment agency, to one of the world's leading services for companies operating in industries requiring a high volume of low skilled labour workers.

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Why Employers Benefit from Working
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A primary function of operating as an employer is to ensure that your business is running on-budget and on-time. Conducting your own interviewing process can be daunting, so many employers will rush to the services of labour-hire companies, only to find them extremely costly and time consuming, as they do not engage in best practise measures tailored to their business.

By engaging with Front Age Consulting, you will be opting for a partnership that will help you locate valuable employees in a way that is both cheaper and faster than traditional methods, whilst still maintaining control of your new entrants. You will save on costly job advertisements, as well as the time-consuming necessities surrounding introducing new applicants, such as interviews, training, and resume screening. By engaging with suitable new employees, you will by extension boost morale, lower attrition rates, and end the vicious cycle of constant hiring, fall offs and re-hiring. Unlike with labour-hire companies, we allow you direct access to government incentives to make available greater candidate pools and wage subsidies, delivering savings in comparative recruitment costs of up to 75%.

Through the scope of our service, covering everything from sourcing, to screening, to assessment, to post placement support, we are confident that we can find the right team for your available positions.


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